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The team at Alpha Ape is dedicated to making defi more accessible to all content creators and projects world wide. These are the current services our team performs.
  • Custom contract creation- It does not matter what blockchain you want, your project created on our dev team can make it happen. One of our specialties is creating smart contracts that pay out rewards in other tokens.
  • KYC & Auditing services- These two things are an absolute must if you want your project to succeed. Alpha Ape offers these services at a price that is beneficial for your project while still giving you the same protection as others in the industry.
  • Custom staking solutions- Custom built staking services for either old tokens or newly created ones. You pick the terms and the percentage and we do the rest.
  • Presale hosting/launchpad- One of the most frustrating things in this space is being able to successfully launch a project through a presale. The Alpha Ape team will be with you from start to finish. Many times when projects set soft caps they end up missing it and all of their time and hard work ends up being for nothing. On the Alpha Ape launchpad we have the ability to host your presale without any restrictions. Sure we can do it the traditional way with a soft and hard cap if that's what you chose or we can do it on a timed basis so no matter what your project will launch.
These are just a few of the services Alpha Ape offers now with plenty of more to come.
Alpha Ape KYC & Audit
KYC Data Storage
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